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Where do Indian government’s priorities lie ? Recently Indian government decided to provide 250,000 tonnes of wheat as assistance to Afghanistan.

It’s time to look at some statistics and make some calculations.

250,000 tonnes of wheat = 250 million kgs of wheat.
Over 7000 Indians die of hunger every day.
Over 25 lakh = 2.5 million Indians die of hunger every year.

250 million kgs of food = 100 kg of wheat for 1 year for every person that looses his life in India.

Pakistani PM once said that “Pakistanis will eat grass for 1000 years but build nuclear weapons”. Here we see a literal example of “Millions of Indians not eating anything but still government’s priority is to send food to Afghanistan” , seriously Con-gress seems to have lost its mind over its priorities and responsibilities. Afghanistan is going through a troubled times and India should indeed help them in such times. Most common perception is Indian government wants a pro-Indian government in Afghanistan in order to contain pakistan and playing politics is not bad. The question is what form of assistance should a developing country like India provide ? Building schools, roads uses money and India has $300 billion+ reserves, providing such monetary assistance does not harms any Indian but…..

“Bhooka khayega kya aur baantega kya”, what will someone eat when he does not has ample eat and what he can distribute??


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