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Hefty fine, jail soon for bias against minorities

Though a strong critic of con-gress government and its hypocrisy, I am delighted to read the above news on laws against discrimination against minorities. Many people would argue that they never faced any such issues but the reality remains that as much as Indians may consider them down to earth,highly civilized and well natured people, just like everyone else there are many in India who tend to discriminate against others based on religion, caste or social status. Now what remains a matter of concern as to whether the law will see its implementation or it is just another minority appeasement gimmick from pseudo secular government which promises a lot but delivers close to nothing.

On a mixed note what saddens me is that once again law is concerning minorities and not for treating everyone on same page. Though minority rights are as important as majority but there is no reason as to why any sort of special treatment should be given to all the citizens of this country. Whether it is allowing polygamy for muslims or allowing Sikhs to carry kirpans while working at Amritsar airport. Worst of all as much it may defend on its secularism, reservation in educational institutes is the biggest blot on secular India where government itself discriminates people on basis of caste. What is needed is not the reservations but implementation of uniform civil code and anti discrimination laws which guarantee equal rights for everyone, where no Indian can discriminate against any other Indian whether majority or minority. What to do when minorities discriminate against majority, what when muslims refuse to give house on rent to Hindus in muslim dominated areas ? Congress has always used its secular face to appease minorities but has never made a genuine effort to implement uniform civil code for all people where same set of laws can be used irrespective of caste, religion or money. So unfortunate for this nation that definition of equality for con-gress implicitly contains inequality.


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